I have been asked to make a work in Charters Towers in Australia for the WW1 commemoration

Some people From Charters Towers, have invited me to make a monument to commemorate the fallen soldiers and civilians that died in Belgium and Northern France. Charters towers is a small mining town (Queensland) with a big history, The closest airport is in Townsville. a lot of people have been searching for gold here thorough the years. Some of their people have fought and died in Belgium during the first World War. Some of their graves are located in Belgium, and some are buried there in their region of origin. A few of the locals still make trips to Belgium to go put flowers on the graves of their lost family and friends. A bound that is this deep should be respected by both parties, but sadly there is no equal effort from the Belgian side to maintain this relation. So I have been asked to go to Australia and make a monument for the fallen. Let's hope we can find funding for this project.

If you want to help fund this project, Go to: https://www.gofundme.com/flanderflanders-fields-memorial-sculpture



First post on my new blog.

This is my test work to commemorate the end of the 1st World War in 2018

It is called No man's land

I'm planning to make the same one but bigger around ypres (the western front) for the 2018 commemoration for the end of the 1st World War. If you are interested in supporting this project just go to: https://www.gofundme.com/flanderflanders-fields-memorial-sculpture

This is the timelapse video for my making of for the  No man's land test sculpture.