Scale models

The models which I produce are made of wood, iron wire, sewing thread, and often everyday objects like spoons, sugar cubes, coffee mugs, etc. The very small scale of the miniature people crowding upon the model, is to impose a gods eye view on the spectator. This displays the work in crowd as the primary subject. In this vision we define ourselves as human in our combined efforts, dreams, and accomplishments. What does bind this characters is that they are all working together towards a common goal. This off course, turns the subject towards concepts like community and the engagements of cultures, and nations in history. The fruits of our labour might be not that important, or even noticeabl after all, but in a group we can accomplish great deeds. What is shown in this works, is wonder or even admiration for human ingenuity, and respect for the unyielding will that produced what we literally look up to. As individuals we are small and dramatically finite, but what we can accomplish as a group may echo through the ages. On another level it speaks about figurative perspective itself, the little people working on a peppermill as if it is a grand monument, makes one think about how we perceive the world and what we take for measurable fact.